Exporters of Mica, Feldspar and Quartz
  Usage of MIca
  1. Cut Mica Plates for Mica Capacitors  Ozone Generators
  2. Radiation Insulation Nuclear Radiation Detectors 
  3. Transistor and Semi-Conductors 
  4. Electrical Heating Appliances 
  5. Silvered Mica Plates
  6. Radiation Pyrometers and Thermal Regulators 
  7. Communication Devices 
  8. Flat irons 
  9. Mica Capacitors 
  10. Resistance and Potentiometers Cards 
  11. Acoustics Apparatus, Detonators, Radiophone, Gramophone,
  12. Sound oxes, Head Phones, Loudspeakers
  13. Kettle  
  14. Radio & Television Tubes  
  15. Primary and Secondary Insulation 
  16. Steam Boilers 
  17. Toasters  
  18. Guided Missiles  
  19. Bushing and Tubes 
  20. Quarter Wave Plates for Optical Instruments 
  21. Band Heaters 
  22. Microwave Tube Windows  
  23. Televisions  
  24. Marker Dials for Navigation compasses 
  25. Strip and Finned Heaters 
  26. Target and Mosaic Mica for Telecasting Industry  
  27. Geiger Counter for Radio 
  28. Goggles  
  29. Soldering  Irons 
  30. Missiles and High Speed Aircraft Randoms and Canopies 
  31. High Tension Coil of Radars 
  32. Diaphragms for Oxygen Breathing Equipment 
  33. Incandescent Lamps, Fuse Plugs, Fuse Boxes, Electric Lamp Sockets, Lighting Apparatus, Induction Coils,  Grid Rheostats 
  34. Jet Engines Rocket Engines NASA Shuttle 
  35. Telephone  
  36. Windows for  Anthracite Gas or Petromax Lamps and Kerosene Stoves, singlass, Furnace, Peepholes, Heat Screens, Metallurgical Furnaces and Kilns, Canopies,    Shields, smoke Helmets, Diver Helmets, Gas  Masks,   etc.  
  37. Neon-Lights  
  38. Interlayer  Insulation for Transformer Coils 
  39. High Voltage Lamps
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