Exporters of Mica, Feldspar and Quartz
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We have plenty of sizes and qualities of mica products. The different qualites and sizes of mica produced by us are

Mica Sizes
5 3    TLT  6
4 6    TLT  10
3 10  TLT  15
2 15  TLT  24
1 24  TLT  36
Special 36  TLT  48
Extra Special 48  TLT  60
Extra Extra Special 60  TLT  80
Over E E Special 80  TLT 100
Over O E E Special 100 & ABOVE

ein Bild

Classification of Visual Quality of Muscovite Blocks
V-1 Ruby Clear
V-2 Ruby Clear and slightly stained
V-3 Ruby Fair Stained
V-4 Ruby Good Stained
V-5 Ruby Stained A Quality
V-6 Ruby AQ
V-7 Ruby Stained B Quality
V-8 Ruby BQ
V-9 Ruby Heavy Stained
V-10 Ruby Densely Stained
V-11 Black Dotted
V-12 Black Spotted
V-13 Black Stained
V-14 Green Brown First Quality
V-15 Green Brown Second Qualtiy
V-16 Green / Brown Stained or BQ

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